Ethical code


The present Ethical Code identifies and collects the ethical principles and values of Simes S.p.A. that must inspire, beyond and regardless of the provisions of the law, the conduct and behaviour of those who work on behalf of the Company both inside and outside the corporate organisation.

The Code also represents an essential element of the organisation, management and control model envisaged and regulated by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, as it integrates this model on the level of the expression and communication of the values and rules of conduct considered fundamental for the Company.


Simes S.p.A. is a modern company dedicated to the production of outdoor lighting fixtures. Founded in 1973, it has undergone constant evolution over the years to become a leading company in the international market. The slogan 'Light for Architecture' best introduces the company's mission: to find optimal solutions for the illumination of architecture in the name of efficient visual comfort and to create emotion. Even before luminaires, Simes produces light for architecture as well as for landscape, home, industry and urban spaces.

Simes' entire production cycle is in Italy, in Franciacorta, and indicates the company's strong roots in its native territory and awareness of the importance of the Made in Italy. For more than 20 years, continuous investments in research and development and in new LED technology have enabled the company to produce intelligent, sustainable and recyclable luminaires with very high lighting performance. Thanks to a team of planners and lighting designers, Simes collaborates with architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, public and private clients who look for excellence in a company and in its products in terms of quality of materials, technological innovation and seriousness in pre and post sales services.

Research and Development is one of Simes' key sectors. Supported by major investments in hardware and software tools for calculation, analysis and verification, all projects are developed in their entirety, from the design phase to digital prototyping, from thermal analysis to photometric analysis, from the study of optics to the choice of components. The common thread is the continuous search for quality and excellence in lighting performance.

Every detail is taken care of at every stage of production thanks to an in-house team of engineers who develop new products that meet the quality standards of energy saving efficiency and quality over time.

Research and development alongside production ensures a continuous flow of information and experience with the common goal of a product of the highest quality.

All products comply with the main national and international standards; Simes S.p.A. is certified according to ISO 9001.

To achieve the best possible operating result, it is essential that we operate in full compliance with the law and with the principles of clarity and transparency.

This image must be increasingly consolidated and, if possible, further implemented, to respond adequately to the ever-increasing demands of the market.

Therefore, one of the most important commitments that the Company intends to make to itself, as well as to all those who work with it, both inside and outside the company organisation, is represented by the maintenance of high levels of integrity and honesty, values that have always informed the exercise of its production and commercial activities.


We believe we can summarise in the following terms the values that inspire the management of Simes S.p.A., both in terms of principles and in terms of daily operations:

  • Safety and health of people;
  • Protection and preservation of the environment;
  • Conduct that is ethically correct and compliant with the Law;
  • Transparency and Clarity in relations;
  • Confidentiality of information;
  • Respect for the interests of each interlocutor;
  • Professionalism;
  • Fairness in relations with the Public Administration;
  • Quality and Reliability.

This Ethical Code applies to all Company activities, representing the point of reference for the regulations adopted by Simes S.p.A. and its stakeholders.

Moral integrity represents for Simes S.p.A. not only a constant duty for all those who, in various capacities, work for the Company, but also represents a fundamental criterion to which to orient its production activities and its industrial development choices.

The Ethical Code must be observed by:

  • the Corporate Bodies of the Company, which must conform all decisions and actions to the respect of the values of the Ethical Code, spread its knowledge and encourage its sharing by the Personnel and third parties working in the interest or to the advantage of the Company;
  • the Employees, who are required to act in compliance with the values of the Code of Ethics and to report any breaches to the competent function representatives, as well as to promote any additions or updates to the Ethical Code;
  • the Suppliers of goods and services, who must be duly informed of the rules of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics and standardise their conduct for the entire duration of the contractual relationship with the Company;
  • all third parties who carry out activities in the interest and to the advantage of the Company.

Simes S.p.A. - by means of the functions and resources dedicated to it - constantly cares for and promotes the spread of this Ethical Code so that all those who have relations with it understand the values it contains and its purposes. The above-mentioned subjects are therefore required to be familiar with the relevant provisions contained in the Ethical Code and to comply with them, thus contributing to their implementation and promotion, by reporting any shortcomings and violations of which they become aware to the e-mail address